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Tues - Sat 9 - 5:30pm

Closed 24th Dec to 1st Jan

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Helmets & Clothing

Bikes of Brighton have a first class Clothing Department. Come down to the shop for a chat and let us find you the perfect fit. All our clothing items and lids are fitted for maximum safety and we'll try our hardest to find the one that works best for you. The massive range of Clothing products that we have in store include:

Motorcycle Jackets:

Leather Jackets and Textile Jackets for both Summer and winter or all year round. We have Hi-Viz jackets and a range of stylish designs to suit any rider. We have retro touring and road racing clothing from Scooter riders to full race suits. Not to mention our water proof jackets and a range of body armour for maximum safety and comfort. All in all we have a massive range available for any gender, whatever your style.

The top products such as Buffalo, Spada, Rayven, Weise, Frank Thomas and many others

Motorcycle Jackets and trousers Brighton
Road, Full face open face, modular and motor cross crash helmets
Motorbike trousers and jackets scooter  motorcycle Brighton and Hove
Large selection of waterproof motorbike and scooter gloves
The motorcross department and bikes of brighton
Brighton Motorcycle scooter and motor cross boots


Full face helmets, Endurance Helmets, Open face helmets, MotoX Helmets, Blue tooth helmets which range from Budget prices through to Racing Standard. The Stock includes: 

X-lite, Nolan, ShoeiDuchinniCaberg, Grex, V-Can, Wulf, THH and many other helmet brands


Leather trousers and Textile Trousers for both Summer and winter or all year round. We have Hi-Viz trousers and a range of stylish designs to suit any rider. Trousers for Scooter riders and full race two piece suits for track day racers. Also water proof trousers and a range of body armour that can connect to the jacket for maximum safety and comfort.


Our boots can range from classic styles to road, pit boots, bulky MotoX boots, touring and track racing standard. We stock simple budget boots to waterproof and high protection and safety boots. 


We stock cool air flow summer road gloves through to thick warm heavy duty winter gloves. There is also a selection of Moto cross gloves as well and thermal wind proof inner gloves to keep your hands warm. There are budget gloves up to moulded armour plated race gloves.

The stock can include Buffalo, Stein, Akito, Frank Thomas and many others.

MotoX Department:

The ground floor has the motoX department, which include the off-road helmets, goggles, spine and back protectors, elbow and knee armour for both adults and kids. There are also camel packs spare tear off visors and well as other useful motoX gear. 

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