Sym Fiddle III 50 - £2,399 +OTR

Now Introducing the updated and improved Fiddle 50cc Euro 5. Alongside the awesome new colour schemes, there have been some really clever and aesthetically pleasing additions and changes. 

From 16 Years Old you can be on the road with the stylish FIDDLE 50cc Euro 5 Smooth, clean styling reminiscent of the 'golden era' look with 'Venting' on the rear body, the addition of a Glove Box, a lower, flatter seat height, more power using a new Electronically Controlled Carb, larger Fuel Tank to improve range & LED running lights incorporated into the front indicator units. A real stand out head turner. 

MASK inducts new technology - A.L.E.H. system (Anti-Lift Engine Hanger system). When the vehicle accelerates, there will be a phenomenon of gravity shift.SYM designs the special engine suspension system, enables the relative position of the engine and the car body to maintain a steady state when accelerating, and suppress the instability caused by the lifting position. Making riders feel stable and comfortable when steering.

Priced at only £2,399 its quality and stylish!

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Why Choose Sym?

1. Sym offer an industry best parts and labour warranty of 5 years on all 125cc's whihc is better than the rest.

2. Sym are part of the Hyundai car group hence amazing warranties

3. Sym were founded in 1954 and sell over 600,00 units per year

4. Sym are known for their great build quality and reliabity at great prices

5. Their service intervals are much longer than other cheper brands, which saves you money